Stunning Stone

When designing a home, there are so many elements to consider - what the main style is going to be, what colour palette suits you and your home, what materials should be used etc. Regarding the latter, stone comes in many beautiful patterns, colours, and textures. Often overlooked, this post pays tribute to a select few pictures which caught our eye.

(all photos sourced from Stoneworld London)
‍Named Palissandro Bluette marble, this book-matched stone is absolutely mesmerising; so much so that it has been framed and placed among other equally qualified works of art.
‍Closer to home, this Blue Mare Quartzite has vivid veins of iron oxide which stand in contrast to the pale blue stone it weaves through. The effect is an intangible richness that appears to breathe life into the kitchen.
‍Known as Fusion Quartzite, this particular stone is so beautifully hypnotic that it's hard to peel your eyes away from it; an astonishing incentive to get out of bed for sure!