About Us

At Crabtree & Hargreeves, we specialise in producing bespoke cabinetry of all kinds. We're a family run business that takes pride in being able to offer a uniquely tailored service for our clients by giving you the option to create anything you so wish, with the support of our whole team. So if you're looking to improve your home and want a collaborative experience with expert guidance, please feel free to get in touch.


Our consultations are where you meet with your personal designer to talk in depth about the stage you are at, what you need and what you want. Whatever the scale and stage of your project we strive towards improving your home both aesthetically and ergonomically by figuring out things like where is the best place for your cooker, where you'd like to prepare meals and what design styles best suit you. By considering these things, we make sure that what we create not only fits your home but helps you get more out of every single day. 


Whatever the degree of your input from our consultations with one another, we use these notes as cornerstones for our designs. This is worked over by our meticulous designers who huddle over blueprints and notes, working together to flesh out a truly distinguished design tailored to yourself and your home.

Thoughtfully considering how we can quench your desires, we go over everything, from the placement of appliances, windows, walls, variations of drawers, handles and doors. After this process, we'll get in touch to set up a meeting with you and your designer for the unveiling of our drawings and photorealistic renders.


From our first meeting onwards, we look forward to knowing what styles and features you love and those that you do not. It's the trial and error aspect of design which brings the best results, so the more we go back and forth, the better the aesthetic and the more rewarding the whole experience.  So at every stage, feel free to call us, come over to the workshop for a chat, invite us over for a cup of tea even and let's talk. 


Once you're happy with your designs and commit to beginning your home's transformation with us, we begin production at our family run workshop situated on a farm in Aveley, just outside of Upminster. Using the perfect blend of both modern and traditional carpentry techniques, we strive towards the best results possible.

Our facilities also include a spray shop which gives you an unlimited choice of finishes for when it comes to picking the colour palette of your cabinetry.


At the agreed date we carefully deliver and fit your cabinetry with the help of specialist fitters before checking the frames and cabinets with a keen eye to make sure everything is sparkling clean for you once everything is complete.

Continued Service

And that's not all. Over time things inevitably get spilled and knocked but like you, we want what we've made to stay pristine for as long as possible. So when you feel like your kitchen needs a pick me up, simply get in touch and we'll set up an appointment to come over and iron out the creases